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Quality Control

The following is Well Served Quality Control Document followed by our product warranty.
Document Version: 1.0
Date: February 1 2023
Prepared By: Mike Novak
Company: Well Served LLC
1. Introduction
This document outlines the quality control (QC) procedures for Varsity Coolers produced by Well Served LLC. It is designed to
ensure that all products meet our high standards for quality, durability, and performance.

2. Quality Control Objectives
- To maintain consistent quality standards in the production of Varsity Coolers.
- To identify and correct defects in the manufacturing process promptly.
- To ensure customer satisfaction through high-quality products.

3. Material Inspection
3.1 Fabric and Insulation Materials
- All fabric and insulation materials must be inspected for tears, discoloration, and inconsistencies in texture.
- Materials must meet specified thickness and density standards.

3.2 Zippers and Fasteners
- Zippers and fasteners should be tested for smooth operation and durability.
- There should be no signs of rust or corrosion.

4. Manufacturing Process Inspection
4.1 Cutting and Sewing
- Ensure accuracy in cutting according to the design specifications.
- Examine stitching for uniformity and strength.
4.2 Assembly
- Inspect the alignment of seams and ensure proper attachment of handles and straps.
- Verify the secure attachment of zippers, pockets, and other accessories.

5. Functionality Testing
5.1 Leak Test
- 1 out of every 400 coolers must undergo a leak test to ensure watertight integrity.
5.2 Insulation Efficiency Test
- The cooler should start with an internal temperature of 32°F or 0°C and not exceed 40°F (4°C) over a 12-hour period.
5.3 Load Test
- Test the cooler under 50 lbs of weight to ensure it can withstand excessive usage conditions without damage.

6. Final Inspection
- A comprehensive visual inspection for aesthetic defects, loose threads, or any other non-conformities.
- Verify that all coolers have the correct labeling and branding as per the company's guidelines.

7. Packaging Inspection
- Inspect packaging for any damage and ensure that it provides adequate protection for the cooler.
- Confirm the inclusion of hang tags and UPC codes.

8. Post Shipping Inspection
- Inspect 1 of every 100 Varsity Coolers for any damages once they arrive at our warehouse.

9. Handling Customer Feedback
- Customer Service will record and address customer feedback related to product quality.
- Regularly review customer feedback for insights into potential improvements in the QC process.

10. Document Control
- This document should be reviewed and updated annually or as needed to reflect changes in QC procedures or product design.

- Quality Control Team
- Production Manager
- Customer Service Department
This document is intended to ensure that all Varsity Coolers produced by Well Served LLC adhere to the highest standards of
quality and performance.

Varsity Coolers 45-Day Warranty Policy.
Varsity Coolers is committed to providing our customers with high-quality products. The following is our 45-Day Warranty Policy for all Varsity Cooler soft coolers.
Duration of Warranty: This warranty is valid for 45 days from the date of receiving your order, as evidenced by your order receipt or
other proof of purchase.
Scope of Warranty:
● Our warranty covers only factory defects in the material and workmanship of the product.
● Factory defects must be reported within the 45-day warranty period.
Exclusions from Warranty:
● The warranty does not extend to issues arising from misuse, neglect, accidental damage, or normal wear and tear.
● The warranty does not cover damages resulting from unauthorized modifications, repairs, or alterations.
Claim Submission Process: To initiate a warranty claim, please submit a claim to within 45 days of receiving
your order. Provide a detailed description of the issue, including photographs of the defect, if possible.Include a copy of your
purchase receipt or other proof of purchase.

Warranty Review and Approval:
● Upon receiving your claim, our team will review the submission to determine warranty eligibility.
● We will communicate the next steps and any additional information required via email.
Additional Provisions:
● This warranty is limited to the replacement of the product at the discretion of Varsity Coolers.
● Varsity Coolers reserves the right to replace the defective cooler with a cooler of equal or greater value if the original model is
● This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
Contact Information:
For any queries or to submit your claim, please contact our customer service team at
Varsity Coolers appreciates your business and hopes you enjoy your purchase. We are dedicated to ensuring that our products
meet the high standards expected by our customers.